Saturday, August 11, 2012

Combine words from different cells

You can easily combine or 'concatenate' texts and words from different cells into a new cell.
For example, you want to combine 2 words in cell A1 & A2 into cell B1.

Cell A1 contains the text "Alpha".
Cell A2 contains the text "123"
In cell B1, you type the formula =A1&A2. The end result: Cell B1 will show Alpha123.

If you want to separate the 2 contents with a space, you need to add a 'blank space'.

Cell A4 contains the text "Beta".
Cell A5 contains the text "234" In cell B4, you type the formula =A4&" "&A5. The end result: Cell B4 will show Beta 234.


You can also create sentences from the different cells. In the example above, you can write a sentence by combining text and cell data.  

By combining other Excel functions like SUM(), you can also create sentences and display the total of many numbers like above.

Download the file: blog_excel_work_files.xlsx from:

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